Attendee Check-In

Ditch your paper spreadsheets and check-in attendees with one easy click. You no longer have to watch a long line of attendees at the registration desk.

Easy Event Marketing

Get maximum engagement by sharing the event with inbuilt push notifications feature in the Gathrr app dashboard. It's the best feature to get maximum RSVP's in advance.

Name Badge Generation

Making high-end, professional-looking name badges has never been easier! Simply review and print what we designed for you. It’s one click on your Gathrr mobile app!.

Post Event Networking

Save 60% of your time by meeting the people who actually matter after the event. Virtual Business cards will soon make the thick paper Business Cards obsolete.

Live Event Polling

Effortlessly gather votes and get an accurate count! Attendees can vote through the Gathrr app. Use template questions that have made so many events engaging!

Post Event Feed back

How do you measure your event success? See everything about your event, from insights to detailed statistics, with one glance on the Gathrr app dashboard.

Enterprise-grade guest management features for event producers, IT professionals, brand managers, and more.

All event data lives in one place, enabling more insight sharing across your team, more collaboration on guest experience, and more ROI from your events.

Get the App now !

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